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  • CollegeTown Specific Plan
    CollegeTown – A university without walls, where campus and city life converge…

    In 2008, the City of Fullerton, Cal State University Fullerton (CSUF), and Hope International University (HIU) came together to create a Vision Plan for a place that is now called CollegeTown. This 84.7-acre area (see the "More Information" topic below) holds potential for the expansion of CSUF and HIU, additional student housing, active retail and offices, inviting open spaces, and diverse modes of transportation. The next step, preparation of a Specific Plan and Environmental Impact Report for the CollegeTown area, is now underway and will incorporate the ideas and feedback provided by the community from this website and public workshops. The CollegeTown Specific Plan will establish new zoning and development regulations for the area, as well as requirements for circulation improvements, open space design, parking, and other infrastructure improvements.

    Key Public Benefits
    1. Additional housing for students, faculty, and/or staff will mean fewer cars commuting to campus.
    2. New retail, services, and restaurants will mean the students, faculty, staff, and nearby residents and employees can walk to these uses without using a car.
    3. New circulation improvements within CollegeTown will improve access and traffic flows in the area.
    4. New transit hub at Commonwealth Avenue will improve bus service, allow for bike-share, car-share, and the potential College Connector
    5. Partial closure of Nutwood Avenue (from Titan to Folino) will increase pedestrian safety, create a draw for CollegeTown uses and activities, and create a grand public space for college-related and community-related events
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