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  • Downtown Core and Corridors Study
    The Downtown Core and Corridors Specific Plan (DCCSP) is a community-based planning process for an area that encompasses approximately 1100 acres and spans the commercial core and corridors across the City. The Specific Plan will guide the transformation of the area into thriving and sustainable districts and neighborhoods that meet the diverse needs of residents, businesses, employees and visitors. It will be vision-driven and implementation-focused as it establishes policies, regulations, and design standards to guide current and future land development in the area.

    You will want to participate in this process if you are interested in or concerned about helping shape the vision for an even better Fullerton!
    - Better landscaping, lighting and sidewalks.
    - Improved public spaces.
    - Improved connections to our neighborhoods.
    - Enhanced city gateways.
    - Thriving stores, restaurants and businesses.
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